Raw Material Control

The Selection of the raw material is carefully controlled through inspection as well as our supplier management system to ensure the quality standards of our finished products.

Purchasing Control

Our Purchasing Department in coordination with our Quality Control Department has an established purchasing standard procedure. The procedure allows us to purchase material only from reputable sources. We require our suppliers to sign a Quality Assurance Agreement to guarantee that their material meets the agreed upon standard.

Incoming Material Inspection and Management

Our Quality Control Department have testing standards for incoming material. These standards monitor the physical properties as well as the chemical composition of the raw material. Should a customer have any issues with the quality of the material, we are able to trace back to the exact source of wire used.

Product Quality Control

All finished products are inspected for defects before they leave our facilities. Since product quality can be affected by subjective and objective factors, all our inspectors are highly trained for comprehension of the established standards and are well versed in our quality inspection procedure.