Black Wire Cloth

Black Wire Cloth

We offer the top range of Metal Mesh for our valued clients. These products are used in many fields in the market. All our products are manufactured using premium quality raw material and modern machinery that obtained from the reliable manufacturers of the market. Apart from this, we offer the facility of customization to customers as per their needs.

The material of black wire cloth disc is carbon steel,we weave the wire cloth and process sigle layer and multilayer round disks that used as the extruder screen for plastic,rubber.

Weave pattern: Plain Weave, Twill Weave, Dutch Weave, Herringbone weave.
Roll width: 0.914m, 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m

Uniform holes
Smooth surface
Long Service life

Black wire cloth filter disc are mainly used in filtering chemical fiber, polyester film and plastic.
Black wire cloth widely used in plastic industry,rubber industry,industrial filtration,petroleum and  chemical filtration, grain industry filtration.

mesh count:
opening size(mm):
wire diameter(mm):

Black wire mesh also used for all kinds of mold.w

Mesh/InchOpening (mm)Wire Diameter( mm)Reference weight(kg/sq.meter)
10mesh x 10mesh1.940.61.8
10mesh x 10mesh1.980.51.25
12mesh x 12mesh1.520.62.15
12mesh x 12mesh1.560.51.5
18mesh x 18mesh0.960.451.8
18mesh x 18mesh1.00.411.5
18mesh x 18mesh1.040.371.2
18mesh x 18mesh1.060.351.1
20mesh x 20mesh0.860.41.6
20mesh x 20mesh0.90.371.38
22mesh x 22mesh0.740.351.33
22mesh x 22mesh0.790.300.99
24mesh x 24mesh0.70.351.5
26mesh x 26mesh0.630.351.66
28mesh x 28mesh0.60.311.36
30mesh x 30mesh0.640.311.46
32mesh x 32mesh0.50.291.36
34mesh x 34mesh0.470.281.3
36mesh x 36mesh0.470.281.3
38mesh x 38mesh0.410.261.1
40mesh x 40mesh0.390.251.2
40mesh x 40mesh0.410.231.06
40mesh x 40mesh0.430.210.88
42mesh x 42mesh0.3650.241.1
44mesh x 44mesh0.3470.231.0
46mesh x 46mesh0.3320.221.0
48mesh x 48mesh0.3190.200.96
50mesh x 50mesh0.3180.190.91
50mesh x 50mesh0.3380.170.72
56mesh x 56mesh0.2480.170.81
60mesh x 60mesh0.270.150.68
80mesh x 80mesh0.20.120.57