Comprehendingthe weaving types

Comprehendingthe weaving types

There are so many weaving types in wovenwire cloth, each one has their own characters, you can refer to it and knowmore about the weaving method.


  The crimped refers to the wires are pre-crimped before weaving. It is alsocalled intermediate crimped. This structure can ensure the accurate of theopening, and it can keep the wires in their positions.

  There are another two types of weaving method, which are used in the crimped woven wire mesh. That is the flat top and lockcrimped. The flat top is also called pressed weaving method. The wires arepressed and form a smooth surface. This type can be used in the vibratingscreen to improve the working efficiency and reduce the blocking. The lockcrimped weaving method can also lock the wires in their position, but the wiresare not pre-crimped before weaving, they are crimped directly.

Plain weave. 
  Plain weave woven wire cloth is widely used in the vibrating screen, windowscreen, and other applications. Plain weave means each of the weft wire crossesover and under one line warp wire and each weft wire crosses over and undersuccessive rows of warp wire.

Twill weave. 

  Different from the plain weave, the twill weave woven wire cloth has more solid structure than theplain weave. Each weft wire passes over and under successively two rows of warpwire and vice versa. Both the plain weave and twill weave has the same wirediameter in the weft wire and warp wire.

Dutch weave. 
  Dutch weave can be divided into the plain dutch weave, twill dutch weave andreverse dutch weave. The dutch weave woven wire cloth is widely used in thefiltering industries. 
The plain dutch weave and twill means the wire diameter of the weft wire andwarp wire is different. 
Commonly the warp wire is coarser than the weft wire. And the opening of theweft wire direction is more than the warp wire direction. The twill dutch weavehas smaller opening than the plain dutch, so it is ideal for filtering the smallerand thinner materials. The reverse dutch weave is opposite from the plain dutchweave and twill dutch weave. The wire diameter of the weft wire is coarser thanthe warp wire. Dutch weave woven wire cloth is commonly used as the woven wirefilter cloth for the solid, liquid and gas in the chemical, metallurgy,spaceflight and other industries. 
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