Selecting the right material

Selecting the right material

A piece of stainless steel woven wire cloth.
Stainless steel woven wire cloth has outstanding resistance to the acid and alkali.

Today's industry demands the high quality of wire cloth. There is no material is absolutely same and no single material has all of the characteristics. You need to know the accurate features of each material, so that you can find the best selection.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel woven wire cloth is the most widely used in the production. It has so many outstanding characters, such as the resistance to the acid, alkali, heat, corrosion and rust. It is ideal for the harsh environments. Stainless steel woven wire cloth also has outstanding chemical resistance, so it is widely used in the chemical and pharmacy industries for filtering screen.

Aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy is commonly named as the alloy of aluminum and magnesium. It offers good corrosion resistance as well as electrical and thermal conductivity. The aluminum alloy is light weight and has high strength-to-weight, so it is easy to fabricate. The aluminum alloy material is widely used in the window screen and decorative woven wire mesh.

Galvanized wire
Galvanized is a type of surface treatment. The material is commonly carbon steel wire. It can be galvanized before weaving and galvanized after weaving. According to the zinc weight, it also can be divided into electric galvanized and hot dipped galvanized. Galvanized woven wire cloth has outstanding resistance to the corrosion and rust. It can form a solid surface for the woven wire cloth. The galvanized wire is the material of the square opening woven wire cloth and crimped woven wire cloth. The most commonly used materials for woven wire cloth are described here. If you don't see what you need, just contact us via the and we will supply them as your requirements.