Test Sieve

Test Sieve

We supply Woven Wire Mesh Sieves, Perforated Plate Sieves and Stainless Steel Basket.

The well-proven sieves consist of a solid stainless steel sieve frame ofhigh stability for reliable sieving results. Paying close attention tomesh-specific requirements, the sieve fabric is precisely joined into the frameand tautened. The individual laser engraving of each test sieve provides aclear and accurate labeling with full traceability.

The sieves can be easily combined with all other sieve brands. Each sieve that leaves our company comes with a test report or, at your request, with a special inspection certificate in conformity with national and international standards. calibration certificates confirm a great number of precision measurements, thus ensuring an even higher statistical reliability for your quality control.

Test sieves are available in many sizes and varieties, primarily in thefour frame sizes most widely used in laboratory analytics:

200 x 50 mm, 200 x 25 mm

8“x 2“ (203 x 50 mm), 8“x 1“ (203 x 25 mm)

Application Examples

cement clinker, chemicals, coffee, construction materials, fertilizers,fillers, flours, grains, metals powders, minerals, nuts, plastics, sand, seeds,soils, washing powder, ...

Product Advantages

stainless steel sieve frame with high form stability

high degree of corrosion resistance and easy cleaning thanks to high-alloystainless steel

sieve mesh sizes from 20 µm to 125 mm

permanently tight sieve fabric

excellent product quality due to extensive optical inspection

maximum stability and optimum sealing when used in sieve stacks thanks tothe o-ring which is placed in the recess designed for this purpose

clear and precise labeling of the sieves with full traceability based onindividualized laser engraving


Applications  separation,fractioning, particle size determination

Field of application      agriculture,biology, chemistry / plastics, construction materials, engineering /electronics, environment / recycling, food, geology / metallurgy, glass /ceramics, medicine / pharmaceuticals

Feed material       powders, bulkmaterials, suspensions

Function Principle

Prior to delivery, each test sieve is optically measured and granted atest report. On request, an inspection certificate with the measuring resultsin tabular and graphical form or a calibration certificate with detailedstatistics is delivered.

As a special service, we offer to recalibrate your test sieves. After thestandard measuring process, all relevant data is recorded and confirmed in thecalibration certificate, if desired.

Subject to technical modifications and errors

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opening size(mm):
wire diameter(mm):
 Test Sieve