Steel Expanded Metal Mesh

Steel Expanded Metal Mesh

We offer the top range of Expanded Metal Mesh for our valued clients. These products are used in many fields in the market. All our products are manufactured using premium quality raw material and modern machinery that obtained from the reliable manufacturers of the market. Apart from this, we offer the facility of customization to customers as per their needs.

Steel expanded metal mesh is made of low carbon steel sheet, which is more economical and cheaper than stainless steel expanded metal mesh or aluminum expanded metal mesh. But the steel expanded metal mesh is easy to corrode or rust in the harsh environment. To solve this problem, the steel expanded metal mesh are commonly treated through galvanized or PVC coated surface. The galvanized surface treatment can be divided into electric galvanized or hot dipped galvanized. The electric galvanized steel expanded metal is much cheaper than the hot dipped galvanized steel expanded mesh sheet, but the service life is not so as the electric dipped galvanized expanded metal mesh.

The PVC coated steel expanded metal mesh has wide range application in commercial, industrial and our daily life. There are so many colors for your choice, including white, silver, black, blue, green, orange and any other colors can be customized. The PVC coated steel expanded metal sheet has outstanding corrosion and rust resistance. Additional, it can be applied to more applications and make them beautiful and high class.


Materials: low carbon steel sheet.
Species: small, medium and heavy expanded metal mesh. 
Surface type: flattened, raised.
Shape of the hole: diamond, square, hexagonal, round, special shape.
Width of expanded metal mesh: 0.5-2 m.
Length of expanded metal mesh: 0.6-4 m.
Specification can be customized.
Thickness : 0.4mm– 10.0mm
SW * LW : 2*3, 2*4, 3*5, 4*8, 5*10, 7*12, 8*16, 10*20, 16*30, 18*30, 20*40, 25*50, 30*60,34*76.2,
40*80, 45*100, 50*100, 60*120mm,125*300mm etc.
Surface treatment: galvanized or PVC coated..
Sheet color: green, golden, pink, black and any other colors you want.


  • Steel expanded metal mesh is much cheaper than the aluminum expanded metal sheet or stainless steel expanded metal mesh .
  • Various colors for choice. PVC coated steel expanded metal mesh can be coated for various colors for your choice.
  • Durable. The chemical stability and corrosion resistance performance make steel expanded metal mesh a long service life.
  • Wide range applications. The steel expanded metal mesh is the most widely used type in protective, decorative and other applications.

Steel expanded metal can be used as barbecue grill to barbecue meat, vegetables and other food.
Steel expanded metal mesh can be used as brick mesh in building construction to ensure the solid structure.
Steel expanded metal can be used as security fence in factories, residences to protect properties' safe.
Steel expanded metal mesh can be used as office supplies, such as wastebasket, table organizer, table tray and other things.
Steel expanded metal mesh can be used as decorative expanded metal mesh as ceilings, lampshade, wall cladding and other applications.
Steel expanded metal used on the landscape & utility trailers.
Expanded metal machine guarding for all kinds of equipments protection.

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Steel Expanded Metal Mesh