Stainless Steel Suction Filters - II

Stainless Steel Suction Filters - II

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Productname: Stainless Steel Suction Filters - II

Material: stainless steel mesh SUS304. SUS316. wire  and plate.

Size: Ø55 H40mm

Applyfor: For use with TriTech, Graco and other makes of sprayer taking 


Mesh Layer: Double Mesh

Suction filter 15mesh  Thread 1″ NPT
Suction filter 15 mesh  Thread 1/2″ NPT
Suction filter 15 mesh  Thread 3/4″ NPT


Protects pump from harmful debris
Prolongs the life of your sprayer
Helps maintain consistent spraying pressure

High Quality Stainless Steel filter mesh for corrosion resistance.

Easy to install and replace.

Durable design and Exquisite workmanship, fit for your need

Keep them clean and they will give a long working life

juda suction Strainer Elements are manufactured usingstainless steel wire screen media. Suction strainer elements are only intendedto protect hydraulic pumps against catastrophic failure caused by coarsecontaminants. Suction strainer elements should be inspected and cleanedregularly. Suction strainer elements should not be used as the only filtrationelements in a hydraulic system. Pressure filters and return line filters, withreasonable dirt holding capacity, must be installed to provide protectionagainst component damage caused by fine contaminants.

mesh count:
opening size(mm):
wire diameter(mm):