Screen Gasket

Screen Gasket

Filter mesh screen are used in processing pilpline systems for food grade industries, Screen are made of 316 stainless steel for straining small amount of particles during liquid transfer.

Rubber framed extruder screen possesses an elastic edge that make itbecome strong and stable. And the screens are more economical than the metalframed screens and also can be designed into a variety of shapes.


Flexible structure gives rubber framed extruder screen good strainresistance. What's more, rubber framed extruder screens have excellentfiltering ability in plastic extrusion, chemical fiber filtration, watertreatment.


Specifications of rubber framed extruder screen:

Rubber materials: Nbr,Epdm,Ptfe,Viton,Silicone

Screen materials: stainless steel, black wire cloth or special alloys.

Screen diameter: 5–800 mm.

Type: weaving, perforated, pleated.

Layer: single or multiple layers.


Rubber framed extruder screen features:

Good ductility with elastic edges.

High compressive strength.

Economical and has smooth rims.

Rubber framed extruder screen applications:


Offer its services in processing and recycling of plastic, rubber, coatingto ensure a clean extrusion.

Whether in the chemical industry or water treatment industry, we are ableto provide the appropriate extruder filter screen.

mesh count:
opening size(mm):
wire diameter(mm):