Perforated Metal Mesh

Perforated Metal Mesh

Perforated Metal Mesh Materials: low carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, Al-Mg alloy plate, etc.

Perforated Metal Mesh is created by punchinga series of holes in a solid material. Holes can be round, square, rectangular,slotted, or decorative. It is available in wide range of hole sizes andpatterns. The perforated pattern can be straight or staggered. It has anunpolished surface. To improve the service life or beauty, the surface can begalvanized or powder coated.


Material: Mild Carbon Steel, GalvanizedSteel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass Sheet, Plastic Sheet etc.

Hole Type: Round hole, square hole, hexagonalhole, decorative hole.

Thickness: 0.018”, 0.022”, 0.028”, 0.035”,0.049”, 0.062”, 0.083”, 0.109”, 0.120”, 0.134”, 0.1875”, 0.2500”, 0.3750”.

Hole Size: 0.0200”, 0.0270”, 0.0450”,0.0625”, 0.0750”, 0.0781”, 0.0938”, 0.1170”, 0.1250”, 0.1406”, 0.1563”,0.1875”, 0.2500”, 0.3125”, 0.3750”, 0.5000”, 0.7500”, 1.0000”.

Surface Finish: Mill, galvanized, powdercoated, painted.

Percent Open Area: 5%, 20%, 23%, 24%, 30%,32%, 33%, 36%, 40%, 41%, 46%, 48%, 50%, 51%, 58%, 63%.

Width: 36”, 40”, 48”, 60”.

Length: 60”, 78”, 82”, 96”, 120”, 150”.

Perforation mode: Straight, 45°, 60°staggered pattern.

Reprocessing: Bending, rolling, welding,cutting or specified by customers.

Surface treatment: Baking finish, dipping,galvanization, polishing, etc.


Mild carbon steel perforated sheet is themost economical material than the aluminum or stainless steel. It can begalvanized for corrosive resistance.

Aluminum perforated sheet, like stainlesssteel perforated sheet, is corrosion resistant. It is, however, much lighterand softer than stainless steel and carbon steel.

Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet - CorrosiveResistance, High temperature resistance, Acid resistance, High strength andhardness, Ease of fabrication and maintenance.


Protection. Mild carbon steel perforatedsheet can be used as protective perforated sheet, such as stair treads,balustrade, balcony railings or gates.

Filtration. It can be made to the filterpipes used in the oil, water systems. Stainless steel perforated sheet has manyfunctional uses because of its corrosion resistant properties. Filtering andscreening are major applications.

Decoration. With the powder coated or paintedsurface treatments, mild steel perforated sheet can be made to the supermarketshelves, furnitures or other things.

Speaker grill. It can be installed on theaudio speakers to filter the sound and protect the device.

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