Thanks to the variety of our advanced looms, large production capacity, and 24/7 operation, JUDA is able to provide a wide range of light, medium, and coarse mesh products in all weavable alloys. Our technicians take all of our customers' needs into account in production planning.

Japanese-made RGK looms are fully computerized, precise weaving looms. They are able to weave a wide variety of high-quality mesh specifications efficiently.

Jager looms are suitable for weaving high-quality medium to coarse mesh.

Various other looms are ideal for weaving medium mesh.

Annealing Service
Annealing service is available in house for all rolls and coils.
Ultrasonic Cleaning Service
JUDA ultrasonic equipment gives a more controlled and thorough cleansing.Our engineering team is always ready to develop products to the individual needs of our customers.